I Planted Some Ideas... And Here's My Answer

If you've already seen "The Odd Life of Timothy Green", I would suggest you
try to watch it. If not, then no skin off my teeth. (Weird saying by the way... it always makes me   run my tongue across my teeth).
In the movie, the couple who  isn't able to have children of their own have a slight
meltdown as most parents wanting children would and they make up
things/qualities that they want of their child.

- they wanted a child with a lot of love
-a child that was funny. not funny laughing at people, but just funny
-could score the goal winning kick
-would rock (musically gifted)
-was a picasso with the pencil
-loved  the different and embraced it

So it gave me an idea to plant some ideas of my own for my future.
my finances:
to be financially independent and stable by 33, maybe sooner
to be able to bless others financially
work ethic:
always strive to get better and learn a lot. ALWAYS
not being afraid to ask questions
being passionate about everyday even when there is no passion
being ready for him
respecting him and honoring him
being not perfect for him, but enough
learning to love him, all of him, daily
being honest and open with him always
respecting them as little humans
learning from them always
having humility
loving all their gifts and talents
being excited wherever i am
content with life
loving my family always
being passionate about my families dreams and supporting all of them


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