Dream a Little Dream Pt. 3

By the third guy that I had actually had more in depth dreams about, he was several years younger than me and his actions reflected so in the dreams. While he was mature in certain areas, he had a tendency to still be juvenile in other areas. And I felt as if I was wanting to settle for whatever he had to give me. Thinking it was enough to get by, I overlooked many key red flags for me personally, and those flags showed up often in my dreams and I chose to ignore them.

This has been over 2 years ago now, and with all of the guys I've liked and had dreams about, the only analogy I can use is like going in the Baskin Robins, home of the 31 flavors and trying to add toppings I don't even like on the type of ice cream that I really want. I wanted them to work out so much that I was beginning to get side-lined in my own dreams. Allowing my heart to go before my head, and allowing both organs to go before God. I responded eagerly and not as wise then with some of the dreams God gave me. They are all written down, all like little treasured nuggets of gold because I know what valuable part they played in my life.

Now that another moment is showing itself, I am training myself on how to be cautious with the things my heart desires. The things I desire will make more of a steady appearance in my sleeping state and I have to be careful with that.
With that being said the most recent dream I had was affirming the things that I have learned thus far and tried implementing. Here's the dream, now after 3 parts of storytelling.

Precursor, I have been having a lot of dreams about traveling and moving, so I am pretty sure that is happening. I will also change the names.

I was going to a town to visit some friends and was getting picked up from the airport by the friends I was staying with. This leg of the trip I was with a girl friend of mine, Amy and she had brought a friend of hers. A tall and beautiful brunette, Karen. Karen and Amy were walking in front of me and behind some Matt, Carl, and Edward discussing whether the brunette, Karen, thought Edward was attractive and if she had feelings for him. (In my view I'm seeing the girls talking in front of me, but also am seeing through the Karen's perspective). Amy said she would go talk to Edward to see how he felt about Karen. Now I'm walking behind Edward and Amy eavesdropping on their conversation and hear Amy ask him what/how he feels about her friend Karen. He replies and says that he think she's a beautiful girl and that's about it. I was relieved because I was interested in Edward, but I wasn't speaking up. Somehow I was now walking in the group and Edward's room mate Carl started to walk in front of us. I had my arms wrapped tightly around the side of Edward's waist and his arm wrapped tightly around my shoulders. We walked through a doorway to a restaurant together and as I caught our reflection, I noticed that Karen's reflection was behind the two of ours in the window. All I remember is that as I looked back at her through the reflection, my reflection refused to be the "other girl", "the interim girl" and I was actually going to put myself in this game. I held on tighter to Edward and was determined not to lose him.

I definitely have never had any dream like that. And while I have been more cautious in protecting my heart this go around, with any guy, I am finding myself preparing a lot more for what's to come. He could be just around the corner for him, and I want to stick in there and make sure I am worth it.


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