Well hello East Coast!

I hope the dreary snow storms are treating you as right as rain and you're getting good source of vitamin d to your system. 
I am now on my next pit stop in the great north west of Seattle. I am leaving Portland with a jubilant heart, wood-fired market fresh pizza in my belly, a sweet family of four that have been at the helm of my adventures, and feeling like I tasted Portland in just a small way that my interest will forever be peaked. I've drawn the conclusion (very early on) that I am going to move here.

The sweet Wu family went above and beyond as hosts, and their sweet kids were a great addition to me seeing everything with excitement. I'm leaving Portland  as their newest foodie, an annual weirdo, a baby gear disassembler, and a rookie transit rider. Yes, Portland your vast green foliage has captured my imagination as well as my heart; all the winding roads were worth the end result of being on top of a fog drizzled mountain overlooking the slightly dulled, but colorful array of Portland. I ardently esteem and admire you. 

Seattle show me what you've got!


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