Let's Be Real

I haven't taken to well with all these "single articles for friends" postings all over the interwebs. I know I'm single, I don't need a reminder from dating (out of the womb), engaged, or married people telling me of things they wish they knew when they were single-but-now-feel-it-necessary-to-pass-their-sage-advice-to-all-their-single-friends postings.
I am not saying this to be mean or nasty, and that's not a precursor for me to say something mean or nasty, but we get it. 
If any of my dating, engaged, or married friends would take a moment to realize that while my story and journey isn't completely unique because there are in fact other women out there like me, then I don't really need to hear the same dying monologue of the "when you least expect  it's". I know. I know it'll happen when it happens. I know that I have been on this little single journey for longer than most people have been married my age, combined with their dating history.

I know!

I have observed and observed and applied exactly how I want my relationship to look with friends. Of you read my last post, you will know how much I cherish friendships and work at them... this is applicable in love. The unconditional love of another. I know I am flawed, will be flawed and will have to overcome many mundane things that aren't necessarily always tied in with the "feeling" of love. I get it. 
I get that with any relationship comes a degree of servitude, unselfishly considering and thinking of the other person more than myself. Taking care of someone else's needs, but walking beside them. Encouraging them in their passions and goals.

I get it.

What people can forget when posting these pick me up letters to singles is that not all of us are on this journey of self discovery with someone else. We didn't start the game of dating countless men and still not knowing who we are. It may come in different forms of figuring out who and what our worth should lie in, but just because we aren't in the game doesn't mean we are completely out of the game not knowing or understanding the rules. Cut your single friends some slack with all the Yoda posts on their life, unless they ask for it. In which most cases, as a 28 year old, I'm not asking for it in that area. 

Only God can know why I haven't been swooped up yet, why a guy hasn't noticed the type of girl I am, and I am embracing that. It's okay if they haven't; they aren't it right now. Or ever.


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