She Dreams of Endeavours

The soft sound of his voice lulled her to sleep.
The strong operatic tones crackled from the speakers and it kept her awake.
While she day dreamed of the day that was had, she could feel herself holding back a smile.

The warmth of the sea sand, the whispers of the waves, the crunching sand beneath their toes.
It was all a memory she couldn't forget. It was a day shared amongst friends, but he was all she saw.
All that was in her memory. His strong stride, and protective barrier beside her.

As she imagined herself back under the last days of the rushed summer sun, she couldn't help but feel its finality.
Seeing him in the end of the summer days only made her want to make the most of it.
She sat and watched the kids on the beach as the sun blistered their skin, running around with no inhibitions of life except for in that moment.

She felt like the innocence of a child is something that she desired in the authenticity of communicating as an adult.
The innocence of those small moments cherished like a time capsule that could only be dug up by the ones who cherished the moments.
Summer was slowly dissipating and she was willing to capture them for memories to be kept for life.


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