Next Great Escape!

Pondering the ponderable.

I am making plans on moving to Portland next year, perhaps in the summer, or maybe at the end of next year. All I know is that I have desired for quite some time to visit the Northwest. I planned on going there in 2008 with a friend. We planned the trip, bought our tickets, looked up bed and breakfasts, and rental car prices. Places to eat for cheap, places to go hiking, biking, whatever... and then it didn't happen.
I was still in school. Working on my B.F.A in Interior Design and this trip would have been my distraction. Probably the distraction that would have kept me from wanting to go back to school. I knew that I wanted to go there because it seemed like the right fit. Some times you just know. When a country or city captures the essence of who you are. The cities/countries that undoubtedly have my heart are England, Italy, Nashville, Boston, and Portland.
I think when I was little I wanted to go to California because of the celebrities and I was sure I would have been friends with a celebrity. And then as I got older I watched junk like Laguna Beach and was like, nahhh... I don't think California is the place for me. Obviously California has a lot more to offer than that of snotty adolescents in a ritzy part of the state. There are places I still want to see in California, but that's another story. (Big Sur).

So this trip didn't happen and I was gutted. I cracked down on school, I finished it, and then it just sat there; in the back of my mind; still pinching at my nerves. I hoarded all of my educational information on the city in a folder called, "Travels" and pushed it under my bed. Never did I think that in a week I would be going to Portland and Seattle. I will be exploring to my hearts content, meeting new and interesting people and will have my heart open to so much newness. The northwest is my version of the great escape. I will do my utmost to post as many pictures as my heart compels me so you guys can be in on the travels. I will try to tell you of stories, some in detail, some not, but I will try to post as much as possible in the week that I'm there. I will actually be posting from the airport because I absolutely love writing in airports listening to music. I observe more, and I'm distracted in the best way possible.

Anyways, thanks to those who keep up with reading this. Sorry I was MIA since October, but here you  go. Back in action.


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