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One post of many this week. I have made the decision to not bring my computer on this trip with me. The only thing I'll have on me are my computers and my phone. I will document my thoughts as they come, but will be out and about exploring. 
It's times like this I am glad of modern explorations. Definitely no Columbus, but it feels so exhilarating to hop on a large plane, fly across North America in the span of a day and be in unique airports in America.
I am finding that having the life of a traveller is my adrenaline rush! I walked through the first section of pat downs and tiresome winding lines, and my heart beat out of my chest as if I were looking at my crush for the first time. I calmed myself so I could make my way through the line without forgetting things. 
Some people prefer skydiving and I prefer hopping on a plane and enjoying the occasional flight turbulence; 
I told you, it's my adrenaline, knowing you could drop from the sky at any moment, but having sheer faith that you won't.
I think back to my first solo trip and I was only 15. It was so scary and exciting but times then are not like they are now. I commend my parents for being brave enough to let me go see my best friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was so excited when I made it Oklahoma and saw my best friends face, it meant everything was not as crazy as it could have been.
And then my first solo Europe trip took the cake. I was even more nervous as a 27 year old going to a country I had only been to when I was younger and I wasn't in control of myself, my parents were. I cautiously paid attention to every sign, checked my boarding pass meticulously and constantly because I didn't want the off chance of being lost in a country where I didn't speak the language.

After learning that getting lost isn't the end of the world and being able to find your way back, I felt so empowered. So God bless the man that is ready to take the next adventures with me. Out of honesty I want to be able to follow if he is ready to lead, but if he isn't there yet, well then... more adventures for me. 


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