Power of NO!

"No" gets a bad rap. Rightly so. When infants first learn the word, it's usually to test their parents patience levels of what they don't want to eat, or don't want to do, or wear. Let's not go there child.

Then when you are looking for some social acceptance, you find yourself saying "yes" to any and everything. Things you hate, things that tire you out, things that frustrate you. Yes, yes, yes; is all that seems to come out of people's mouths.
We say yes to busy, and no to rest. All the time we say yes to keeping ourselves busy that we don't know what rest looks like. Pushing past things when our body is telling us to stop.

My NO-vember, was just that. A month in challenging myself to say NO. To decide that I don't have to go everywhere, or be everywhere. I could do more things on my own without always thinking that it needs to be with a group of people.

Although I wrote this post back in October of last year, I can still recall what I was saying no to. I know that I was working a lot more, and saying yes to that. I wasn't driving around town all over the place tiring myself out like I usually do. Now that I get to say no with no regrets, I am learning on embracing the solitude that comes with it. The solitude that isn't loneliness, but that of independence and calm.

It's a beautiful thing, a thing that requires a lot of patience, a lot of thinking, writing, crying. Solitude isn't confinement, but probably the most free you will ever feel when you finally embrace what it should mean in your life.


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