Relationships are like an ocean and a rock

I've been waiting for this. Another relationship has started up and its posted to Facebook. I actually had a dream about these two specific people dating each other, but told neither one of them. Its not that I don't want to see them happy, I just don't feel like being in the same vicinity of their happiness right now.
What's next? Pout, scream and complain? Nope.
Move on. I prayed for God to do something, He did. My prayer was answered.
The relationship status made itself known on my news feed and my heart went into throat. Its still lodged there. Kind of like choking in someone else's cigarette smoke and never being able to clear it from your system until you walk away from the culprit.
I hid the news feed, on all days, on his birthday. Happy Birthday to him! Happy Birthday to me, it only came 3 months later.

All I have to say is, alright God, what next? Bring it!

captivated Heart


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