{Fear:Love} Part 2

How can you not believe in love?
I didn't say that.
How can you not believe in true love?
I didn't say that either.
I question what the phrase "the One" has played in my life.

After much consideration, reading, and observing the saying "the One", I have slowly and begrudgingly put myself in the category of the girl that dreams with her head in the clouds of meeting Mr. Perfect, for me. He comes with no problems, no baggage, no scary past, no disapproving family, etc.
I wasn't naive, I just prayed for someone who has overcome brokenness and their past. Alas, with a past comes some baggage, some hurt, not being fully healed, or having something being bandaged over a huge wound.
I have my baggage, and I still struggle with opening up that baggage because sometimes I think it may be too much for someone to handle. If I am not giving them a chance to help me in growth, I'm essentially telling them I don't trust them.
And trust me, I trust people quite often, but not nearly in the right areas of my life. So..... back to the one business you say? Ok, okay.

In truth, I am afraid that I won't meet the guys expectations, therefor I fear he will be tired of me in a short span. Even if I don't want to compare myself to other girls, I subconsciously do it without even realizing the ramifications my brain will suffer in the future for doing so. What does this have to do with the one?
Hmmmm, that ONE person out there in the world, floating aimlessly, is going to be the person to make me not feel like that. Did you hear how that sounded? Regardless of whether or not there is a person out there like that, there will still be moments in that relationship where I will struggle with the same thoughts I listed above. TRUST also comes into play. If I can't trust that they won't do those things, then I am not trusting them, even when they are trying.
Albert Einstein might make the equation look a little like this [F < L;F br trst/F br L]
Simply put. Fear is less than Love. Fear breaks the Trust you should be able to have with someone you love/are trying to love. Sooooo, fear breaks love. It shouldn't be that way, and there is a way to overcome the thoughts of fear.
God. He hasn't given us a spirit of fear, but of peace and a sound mind. Hear that brain? No more analyzing!

I'll expound another time.
Part 3?..........
Will that suffice?...........
It should. :)


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