Preparation D, L, M, F {Family}

Preparing for family. I love babies. I have thought about having a family of my own, but have never had one of those "my clock is ticking everytime I hold a baby" moments. Kids make me happy, they bring a wonderful outlook on life that I think sometimes I take for granted. It really is the little things. For whatever reason, in conversation with guy friends I do not openly admit my love for kids and wanting my own some day because there is always this weird stigma attached to women that do that. Kudos to them for SAYING what they want. I don't know why I fear saying certain things. Maybe I don't fear it as much as I'm blowing it out of proportion, but I do often times cautiously approach the conversations even though I shouldn't have to. It's something I want in my future. Many a friends are having babies, I'm changing diapers, rocking them to sleep, and giving them their food. In my single brain, babies=$$$$. I love them, but in no way can provide for a baby or babies right now. Food, diapers, food, doctor's visits, clothes, food, diapers, formula, clothes, clothes, CLOTHES. Tamagachi's have got nothing on the real thing.

Yet another venture I'll be happy to happen, whenever that might be. Trying to think that I won't be the same person when I have kids. To a degree, yes. But in actuality, you are raising up a new life, and with that, you are learning more about your capabilities as a human, a woman/man, wife/husband, friend, daughter, sister. Things begin to change. I've already seen the difference in my friends who have had babies. I love seeing them blossom into the thing they admired most about their parents. BEAUTIFUL growth. Life is about learning, growing, and loving. Appreciate this new life that will bring you challenges, happiness, and an unknown strength you never knew you had. Babies are precious, and I've thought at times how people manage/cope {I'm not trying to sound offensive, and this is not to make the child seem like a burden} with a child who may not have the abilities in what people refer to as a "perfect" child. I have given much thought to it, a child with asberger's or autism, or down syndrome, I would love that child so much. What the world may see as obstacles, I see as a blessing. God did create us in His image. All of us. He knew/knows what he's doing. The human brain is fascinating and I would pray for so much strength because that would not be an easy task, but that precious child would be loved just the same.


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