Preparation D, L, M, F {Dating}

Listening to a podcast earlier in the week about how as a single person, I need & should be preparing myself for the likes of marriage.
The title is for dating, love, marriage, family.
These are things I think of probably 80% of the time. Usually not all day, and usually in tiny increments of me watching a movie or tv show, or out exercising. If you haven't gathered, even slightly, I tend to make lists. Sometime I succeed at finishing them, other times I get distracted and toss it out. My list anyways, not set in stone, just something to help me keep somewhat focused.
Preparing for dating is not really in most people's minds at all, considering they've been on dates, dated, or have boyfriends. I have to look at in terms of how to make myself better for the person I am dating. Let's discuss; If I don't want to date a judgmental guy, I have to work on not being judgmental. If I want him to be wise with his finances and spending, I need to be wise with my finances/spending. The reason why dating is important to me is because the person I date, is the person I would like to marry. Sounds ambitious, but I believe it can happen and work out. I don't want to be on 70 different dates with 50 different guys to see if what we have/don't have is working out. Usually you know.

I'm preparing for lots of different things. I want to be a great girlfriend, in turn a good wife (not like the show), and mother. Onnnn that note, I will be leaving you til my next epiphany of love, or a lot like it.


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