Incredible People

When one worries about what God has for them, one misses the full scope of His many opportunities.

I moved in with Elisabetta and Agnese on Friday and I was so grateful and appreciative of their immediate hospitality. Agnese was such a shy little girl when I met her but 2 days ago. She was full of energy and acceptance and showed me around the flat and was speaking English very well. I had lunch with her and her mom and later met her neighbor. A German woman, Julia, who used to work as a stylist/assistant for photographer at fashion shows and photo sessions in Milan is now living here in Chiavari as floral designer for weddings. She has two children and her husband (Italian) is an architect. She said she has a wedding coming up in April that she is doing the flowers for and wondered if I wouldn't mind taking the pictures of her designs.

Whether it happens or not (me taking pictures), I was more than happy to at least talk to her about her passions. She is very sweet and seems to be a sarcastic and dry type of person, but I really like her. She has been here for 8 years and said sometimes she wishes she could have people speak German because sometimes she just wants that normalcy of friendship she had from home, but she enjoys her friendship with people like Elisabetta. Her Italian is fantastic, and her English is just as good. I'm amazed at all the people who know multiple languages and can comprehend the languages and then tell me their English is not so good. :)

On Saturday, Agnese had made me some breakfast, we waited for her Nona and dad to come pick her up to take her to Milano for a few days and I left to go have lunch with a new friend that was made. Brenda. She is Guatemalan, but also speaks Italian. Our conversations have been interesting to say the least. She would practice her English with me, I would practice my Italian with her, and if I couldn't think of the Italian word I used Spanish. It definitely never made for a dull conversation. She took me to a restaurant she goes to with her boyfriend that is by the ocean. Also yesterday, it was filled with all male patrons, so we got a kick out of being 2 of the only female patrons. We also got a lot of stares, that was weird when trying to eat.
We then drove to a nearby city and took a walk out on this pathway next to the ocean. We came across a lot of African young (about 8-10) men standing out in the freezing cold huddled under a canopy. I don't know if they were looking for work, or if they were waiting to go out in the streets when there were more people to start asking for money, but it was sad to see. A lot of them have come here for a better life of work and it has been very hard for most all of them, so they are left to beg on the street for money. So if you remember to, could you keep them lifted up in your prayers for some doors to open for them while they are here, for however long or short that is. And protection for those they come in contact with and also protection for them.

On our way back into Chiavari, Brenda offered to help me with my Italian and asked if I could help her with her English. I'm hoping we get to meet up throughout the week and have conversations in both languages. She said I should have it down in the 2 months I am here because I have shown a willingness to learn the language.

With that being said, I hope to have more Italian dialogue in my next couple of weeks here to progress by the time I leave.

Molto amore.


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