Blast from My Past//So Many Things a Girl Can Do...

Originally written 10.26.10

Let's see where I was and how far I've come from that time.
"I have been constantly contemplating what it is that I want to do with my degree. Here's a few options that have crossed my mind from sheer boredom; making practice basketball shots, playing M*A*S*H on the back side of the paper, writing a love note, framing it.... As you can see, none of those would suffice, and none of those would get me anywhere near a job that I'd want. Come to think of it, having a degree is fine and dandy, but getting a job shouldn't rely on a degree alone. If you have no talent and a degree, where is that really going to get you?

So over the last couple of months, even years, I have contemplated a variety of jobs and even jobs that are spin-offs from interior architecture. Government work has played a tune across my mind a few times, the perk: traveling. Maybe too rigid for my liking.
Non-profit work with the likes of TOMS shoes organization and designing sustainable schools for children in impoverished countries where the shoes drop. Still on my list of things to do, but I still need to find a way to get involved.
Design consultations for friends and family. I get a question that most of my classmates get all the time as well from friends and family. It goes a little something like this. "Hey you need to come and decorate my place." I wouldn't mind doing that, but I think people who you haven't even talked to for years, immediately want you to re-design their entire house or a room without paying for anything. Contrary to what many may believe, my whole life won't consist of just designing, or decorating a space for someone who doesn't really know what they want. A consultation would consist of a fee per hour, as well as a few freehand sketches of the desired spaces wanting/ needing an overhaul. Help with picking out colors, furniture, and style based on persons taste, and budget. I am all about budgeting with designs and decorating because I think anyone can design on a penny, they just have to be creative and use what they have to make their space better.
I'm obsessed with photography, and wedding/ creative engagement photos. So I want to incorporate design into the two as well. I love being a patient photographer, even if the shot takes me forever. I am still passionate about film photography and how much more beneficial it can be over just digital photography.
Creating artwork for friends is something I love doing when I have the time for it, but I have to get organized because I like so many facets of artwork and materials that I need to try to cluster my materials so that I can be more creative with the little amount that I may have collected.
Set display design is something else I want to get myself into, so I'll be applying for a position with Martha Stewart Weddings for a position they have for the use of an interior designer. Its in New York City, which that city is the epitome for creative, ever-changing design, and I want to give it a shot even if I don't get the job."

And what has changed you ask?
Still contemplating a variety of jobs with my current degree, but as it stands, I have now made a connection with Habitat for Humanity, and will be volunteering in the near future and hopefully will be able to work with the organization.
Design consultations have been happening, but I haven't been getting paid for it. So that needs to change.
Photography has been the most current thing that I have stuck with. I've gotten a little better with my photography and I've had more opportunities to work on it.
Still working on doing visual merchandising and plan on avidly pursuing positions that are available whenever I get back in town from Italy.


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