Blast From My Past//Too Fast, Too Fast, You're Going too Fast

"I don't think I ever remembered a year going by as quickly as this year has. Here it is November 7th already and I have about 6 more weeks of school left and have got to get the ball running on all of these projects and get them ready and assembled, printed, updated.

 I hate getting on CAD to re-do things that I've already done, but it has to be done, and I'm semi prepared for my day tomorrow. It will consist of an all-dayer. School opens at 7am and closes at 11pm. You better believe I will be up there early enough and stay until they close. It's amazing what I get done with a load of music and about 13 hours of uninterrupted time, I can complete everything that I wanted to finish. So be in prayer, i need to finish this project ahead of schedule.

I might not be on here as much in the next 6 weeks because yet again I'm going back home for my glow in the dark retainers. That is one thing I'm excited about, the other thing is seeing my parents and my dog. My sister and I are finally going to get to hang out, go out to the beach, grab some grub and chill. BEACH TIME! I miss it so much and it takes me a long time to even get out to the beach here in Orlando.

Sooooo I will hopefully have enough energy and desire to want to come up with some creative designs for an upcoming Farmer's Market. I want to sell my photography, but still don't know how I will display it in such short time."

Now that, that was 2 years ago, I do know that a year can go by faster. 2012 flew by like nobody's business. 
The things that have changed... No more school or long hours of sitting in a lab for 13 hours. If that were my job, which it was for 3 years, I wouldn't like working that long. Which I didn't. I had too many break downs to count and by the grace of God have I left there with my sanity in tact.


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