Views of Facebook

I have had this conversation so many times with friends about the brand Facebook and Instagram
and the effects it has had on our generation/ and society.

It can be cumbersome to maintain, and it also becomes a bit like fuel to a fire with stoking the 
attitude of narcissism. I say this because often I have found myself checking, and re-checking the
amount of likes I can get on a status update. Or a picture documenting my life to prove to people
that my life isn't lonely. That I'm always doing something. Make them want to be friends with me.

But why should I care about the promotion of my life being enviable to people that I don't really 
even like being around?

I read a comment a Tumblr user posted about Facebook and it made me laugh, nod, and agree.

"I had it, but deactivated a while ago. Hate it. While there are some benefits to facebook like networking/building business relationships and keeping in contact with friends overseas, there are a lot of negative aspects that I’m not a fan of. facebook amplifies a person’s narcissism and enhances their dependency on validation by seeing how many likes they can get. I have better things to do than sit on facebook and see who’s at the gym, what drink they got at starbucks, and who they’re having sex with at the moment. It’s better to talk to people in person. I’m out and about daily and prefer interacting with real humans. I refuse to be a sheep."

I question my intentions on a regular basis as to why I do anything. What do I do it for? Whom do I do it for? If my ultimate response is not to glorify God, to do it for God, and do it because of God... that question will forever reign over my conscience.

So on a regular basis, much like cleaning out my wardrobe or home, I do a spring cleaning of my Facebook motives. Deleting things that ought not be on my wall. Things that may create a false promotion of happiness. 
I have a like/hate relationship with social mediums. I hate that to communicate with the world around you on a regular basis/ at least a convenient basis they are kind of a necessity. But to use it to meet people, and promote the false sense of friendships, I hate it.
I will not disregard the fact that I have made some fantastic friends via Facebook and have kept in contact with them, but those same people have now become pen pals. We have carried on as friends off of Facebook. The things that are nice about FB (the luxury) of sharing instant images of child growth, and education, and new marriages, etc. are wonderful to see, but also pry on the innocence of what it could have been intended for.

I find myself trying to not promote my life in a manner of making someone jealous, or want to be my friend, or think I'm cool, because I am none of those things. While I like compliments, I do not love them. While I want to say I'm enjoying my life, I don't want to rub it in someone's face. While I like getting to meet new people, I don't like people only wanting to get to know me because of what they see me doing. I want them to get to know me for me. Because often times I am presented with that scenario and face to face time is empty because there is nothing for them to talk to me about because they have built it up in their head of me being something they wanted to see, not who I am. I am a dork. I am misunderstood often. I love deeply. I crave communication, trust, and honesty in friendships. But the things I tend to enjoy can be too intense for someone who is only looking for a facade friendship.

If you're challenged with the same thing, give it a go. Give Facebook a break. Deactivate it. You can always go back on. But the freedom you feel when you realize your world can continue without notifications is amazing! Or trying to not seem like an uncool person in public by thumbing through your phone to make time go by because you don't want to talk to a person right in front of you.
If you don't like it, then get back on. Carry on with whatever life you want to lead. 
But don't be mad when so-and-so post another baby picture. Or that girl you sort of don't like post another wedding picture. Or that guy you used to like but didn't return the feelings has moved on with his life. Let those people go. I guarantee you, they aren't talking about you as much as you're talking about their lives annoying you.


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