Feelings We Feel


(Brazilian Portuguese):

 The act of tenderly running your fingers through someone’s hair.

 It's the little things.
Do you remember reading about how intimate certain acts were in the 1800s
that had nothing to do with the act of sex?

I mean flirting without the aggressiveness of today's flirting standards.
 I think I may be in very small class of girls who sees very little things like
hand holding as a sweet gesture and can take it as being a bit forward.

All of my thoughts on it sound so dated, but that's the type of thing
that makes my heart flutter a bit.

 When it comes to dating, I like the sweet and sincere. Not really the over the top.
But due to my history of guys, I need their actions and words to line up
so I can tell what it is that they actually mean. (Twisting handkerchief
in both hands)


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