Bon Apetito//Italian Dinner// Music: Philip Philips: Home

As some of you know, I have been diligently trying to raise money for my mission trip that is quickly approaching in 51 days now!! And with that, I have come up with a few Italian dinner sessions to help raise money. Back in December when things were really crazy for the holidays, a few of my friends came out in support. I got to talk to them about what the mission trip was for and about, I got to make some lasagna and cake. It was really lovely and blessed my heart.

I had a moment of discouragement when out of the 8 people that had originally RSVP'd, only 4 could come. I had to quickly pray for my attitude to not be wavered in that. I still had a good turn out. I still got to do what I set out to do. A lovely friend offered up her home for me to set up the dinner, and God got to meet the needs of what needed to be met. So there was and is nothing to worry about.

I think about this a lot in regards to mission trip finding. Where it must seem really absurd to have to ask people for money to go on a trip that is in a different country when the same thing is needed where you are. The thought passed my mind while at church that there could be a lot of judgement to follow in taking the steps to go on a mission trip such as Italy.

"But why go all the way over there when we have homeless people that need to be reached here?"

"It's not like it's some 3rd world country, what do they need missionaries over there for?"

"Why am I paying for you to live somewhere that I want to vacation, for 3 months?"

And then it dawned on me... My heart is for travel. My heart is for other countries. It's not to say my heart isn't for what is in my backyard, but God can and does place a great deal of compassion on people's hearts for certain things. Sometimes I feel as if my heart could explode from all of the things I want to do for others. I would like to give more to homeless ministry and do when I have the opportunity. I would like to help with young children in schools receive nutritious meals that they aren't receiving at home, so that they can have better opportunities for learning. I do want to help build homes for people who are in desperate need of shelter. I do want to volunteer in an animal shelter to make sure the animals are taken care of.

There is literally a need and time and place for everything. For now, my heart is drawn to Italy. It has been since I left there with my family in 1995. Your heart will always hold places as homes, and I loved living in Italy.


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