Post Holiday Treat//Jammed New Years Playlist

This will be documentation of all the bands/most of the bands
I think that will be big in 2013 or just who I think should be known.
It's a musical appetito you didn't even know you were craving.
With that being said. Here are some of my top bands.

If you've never heard of them yet, don't worry. They toured with
Coldplay this summer and they blew my mind. Saw them 
when they came to Orlando to play at The Social.
You will not regret buying their album. 
Wolfgang//Back to Back
Album//Suego Faults

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Air Traffic is a unique band, but he isn't Air Traffic.
He's what was formerly Air Traffic. Now, Soft Bullets is
apart of his new act. Take a listen, tell me what you think.
I'm a sucker for great soft piano melodies, on the beach, with a perfect
ceramic coffee cup and birds chirping in the background.
Chris Wall/Soft Bullets

Told you I liked pianos.
This girl is a bird in human form. 
I don't know how else to describe her fantastic ethereal-like voice.
It's a bit haunting sometimes, but not enough to freak you out.
She looks like Jane Fonda, her hair is just AMAZING!
And her name is as cool as she probably is.
Rae Morris//Day One

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You may have heard this mature little ones voice at the end of 
a movie by the name of Brave.
I think it was a different song, not this one.
But I think she sounds like what I think Emma Watson would sound
like if she sang. Partly because she resembles her a little.
I breathe with great ease when I hear kids her age writing
music as great as Joni Mitchell. Or somewhere round there. :p

Gabrielle Aplin//Home
Album//Releasing February 2013

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I've posted this video before, but post once and you don't listen... shame on you.
post twice, shame on you twice.
You should really take a listen to them.
Aside from their videography being the epitome of Where the Wild Things Are,
you will not be disappointed by the sweet innocent melodies.
If you listen closely, the melody is the makings of a sweet lullaby.

Side Note: My kids will probably have the most extensive musical library.
Music snobbery just took over me. Apologies. Back to earth now.

The Paper Kites//Featherstone
Album//Woodland Released 2011

I can't begin to describe how many times this song has been on
repeat in my car on full blast.
Lyrically, I'm obsessed. 
I suggest you listen to acoustics of "Medicine" and also this song in 
regular studio produced. The bass of this song is what get's me. It
picks up and it evokes exactly what I'm feeling when I'm listening to it.
EVOKES people, E V O K E S.
It's music that paints a picture.

I would say I don't need to describe this, but clearly I will have to.
Robert Pattinson, you already know him as an actor, but he 
was a musician before that. Is probably always going to
consider himself a musician before anything.
He has a rough sounding voice. It doesn't sound polished, and aside from
his apologies of how he sings and plays, him vocally is unapologetic.
It's shaky and strong at the same time.
I am not writing this like I'm a fan girl who doesn't hear the mistakes, because I do.
But I happen to find singing like this, very raw and beautiful.
Emotional, because it has more depth behind it as if they were 
standing in front of the person they were singing this about.
Van Morrison is the same way. Love it.
So, let's not judge the guy for who you assume him to be and take a listen.
I probably could have picked a better song/sound quality, but I like this.
His sound. It's a unique as a thumbprint.

Who says you have to know what someone is saying to think it's beautiful?

 Eefje de Visser//Herinneringendingen

You can try to act like you know what she's singing...

Well chumbuckets, that's all the videos I'm going to post, but I will give you a nice little
list of people that you NEED to check out and listen to. It may change your life. I can't
make any promises. I am making this so easy for you.

Boy//Little Numbers
Lucy Rose//anything by her will suffice. You just need to listen to her
Paper Lions//Travelling
Michael Kiwunuka//he's already had his coming out party, but still, listen to him
Liam Bailey
Speech Dabelle


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