You Know When......?

You know when you're minding your own business only to have someone come along and tell you you're going about something the wrong way? That their way is probably better and more right? Maybe it's subtle. Maybe it's not...

But sometimes those are blatant responses you might get from someone else about the status of your life, your relationships, how you raise your kids, how you spend money, how you are trying to be you.
Yea......those people undoubtedly make their presence known in all of our lives. Its probably one of the most annoying things to deal with. Some times a "SHUT UP!" just won't suffice. I would prefer it if people would only give me the advice if I asked for it, but sometimes I need advice even if I don't ask for it.
In the case of a gentleman at a department store, standing behind me in the check out line thought he knew my financial situation better than I did, decided to tell me the financial market and he thought it was a bad idea for me to apply for a credit card. Excuse me sir...... "SHUT UP!" I couldn't say that to a complete stranger, but for whatever reason he thought he could tell me what I should be doing with my finances. Just annoyed. The cashier was the only person I could vent to, she seemed to be on my side only slightly, but she should have been fully on my side seeing how I was helping her attain some type of bonus for reeling me in to apply for a stupid credit card that I'd never use. Yes, I un-ashamedly got one just to get an additional 25% off my purchase.

Uh-huh, that's what type of advice I occasionally get from people, strangers, friends, close family friends, will say that my view of thinking on waiting for marriage is appropriate, or sometimes, the occasional, 'you should get out there and experience it'.
I wasn't aware that there was so much I was missing out on in dating...... Maybe I ought to just have my heart repaired once it's broken a couple of times. That isn't a costly transaction at all, now is it? When I think about the risks that come with dating, I am willing to risk some things. When it's throwing caution to the wind when I know that it would be wiser for me to be more observant... I choose the latter half. I have seen friends put themselves in situations, or countless relationships to have a fulfillment of some sort and they can't ever explain to me why they feel like they need to be in constant relationships. It seems like their hearts are restless for the need of being needed.


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