Successes of Surrendering {Trusting Thursdays}

Surrender, the year 2012, prayer. These things are the biggest portions of my life. The thought of surrendering sounded like captivity of strength, at that point in time. Now, when I think of surrendering, I think about how much I want to honor God by giving him everything that I feel I need to control. I know that without him, I can not control my own finances nor make wise decisions about where my money should appropriately go. I can not control my career, because without him, I can not do the job that I am asked to do without his guidance. I can not control many things without the help of God because he grants me the things that I need aside from the typical necessities.
 For finances, I need wisdom in saving my money and blessing others. I can't bless others, if I can't organize the resources God has already given me.
For a career, I can't do it without him because I need to have the grace and patience to treat the people I work with, with the honor and respect they deserve even if I question their authority.
And with those, I definitely can't control my relationships in controlling them to be exactly what I want. People do not operate in that way, and neither do I.
With all of that in mind, I began to surrender the thoughts of not knowing what to do next by giving it up to God. Slowly but surely, the thought of giving up my controlling relational desires, I've learned that not knowing is a really beautiful thing. That has made the word surrender sound very beautiful to my ears as well.

When you read that first sentence again, it says; "Surrender the year of 2012 through prayer."
Take it, let it sit a little and pray for your surrender to many things in your life. Don't see it as a battle lost when you are giving things over to God. Just trust.


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