worth the wait.... {Observing Wallflower}

Why is it that waiting seems to be counterproductive?

I'll tell you why it seems that way. When we are waiting for something, we tend to think of all the things that we want to see happen when the waiting process is over that we hardly ever take into consideration the process we have to go through in order to "gracefully" get through the waiting process by working with what we've got.
Waiting is not a death sentence! Read it again. It's not a death sentence! We wait for better things, we wait for healing, we wait to learn lessons.
         In terms of waiting for school to be finished, I couldn't do anything else to rush that process of school except to finish it, and do my best. Was it rewarding after finishing it? You betcha! I couldn't have been more happy to walk my happy little graduated butt across the stage even if it was to get a fake diploma for that day. My borrowed robe was on, my crooked little hat hardly fit over my hair, and my brain had wiped out the entire contents of the speakers encouraging commencement speech to us because what he had said was so behind my "college life" that I was just excited to take a step on the stage, shake my professor's hands and do an anchorman fist pump in the air off the stage.
         When we wait for healing for a broken heart, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a friendship, it takes time to heal. We don't like that it takes time, because we'd like for that moment to pass us by without feeling all the pain that happens when we realize we've lost something/someone. It's never fun, when is losing anything ever fun?

In waiting we get to take a step back and see where we need work. It's like getting a chance to see yourself underneath a microscope. You see all the little fractures that could potentially cause a bigger mess if it's not stopped and fixed in a timely manner.

Whatever you believe, know that your life isn't going to breeze by without any fractures, hurts, cuts, bruises without needing to heal properly for things to be set back correctly. Maybe sometimes you'll have something grow back crooked, but it adds character... if you let it.


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