Future Self {Part 4}

We sat down on the plush sofa, both with large grins on our faces. "Where would you like me to begin?" She asks with correct assumption. I told her anywhere that baffles me....
She smiled and began talking about the rest of her/our/their story.
She didn't go into too many particulars of where they met, but I knew that the story was far too grand for me to even really care about that. I now knew that all my waiting had been worth it. All my tears, and crying out to God had been worth it. It hadn't been orchestrated by my doing, but in time, everything came along accordingly.
She said that he had finally pursued her when he got the go ahead from God. Although it appeared he wasn't interested in her, he said that he had to hold back so much so as to not jump the gun. He was afraid of many things, and then was reassured that those things needed prayer and that she was it for him. He had noticed that the time that she kept going about her business was when he started to like her more. He saw her servants heart, that she was diligent always in helping others, or placing others before herself. He admired that she was intentional in her relationships. That she was apologetic when she needed to be, but stood her ground, and firmly when she believed in something so strongly. She knew what she wanted and he found that to be enticing. She then patted my knee and said, "Don't change for someone when you think that is what will get their attention. Stay exactly who you are and appreciate the things that you know you need more work on, but don't change just because you're trying to please the needs of someone else so they can feel better about their lack of change."
I was so relieved that she had gotten the desires of her heart and she didn't play any games to get them. It all worked out for her. She said their relationship is still tested everyday, but because God is in the center of it, they feel that they have the endurance to keep pushing past all of the junk that builds up when people don't want to work towards something working out.
She said that she never expected her story to unfold like this but it was the most organic and beautiful thing that she's ever experienced in her life. She said that she never had a prince charming, and never will any man be that to her, but she was so excited that she wanted to have a king over a prince. Jesus had been that to her, and that was never going to change.
Husband respects, honors, and loves God. He implements that love and honor of God in the house every day, he's a great husband, a great father, a great brother, and a great son. There is room for error, and there is room for correction, in understanding that, both of them grew a lot in the 10 years they've been together.
A turn of the door, and that meant someone was coming in, did that mean I'd meet husband face to face and not just through pictures?
I woke up when his face was being revealed and his voice made a sound. I smiled and acknowledged that I had just experienced the best ride of my life in meeting my future self. While only seeing the perfect things, I knew there would be plenty of battles along the way, but I was content with all that I had learned and continued to learn.


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