Future Self {Part 3}

This time future self has invited me to her house. "Oiy vey!" I say, I'll finally get to see what my design style is and its only taken me 10 years to have one. I feel it will almost be enviable because of the sheer fact that I will have been more financially stable to buy the things I want to go in the type of house I want.

I pull up to the curb in my still ever reliable Darcy. He's still trucking along, still having some minor car issues, but not enough to keep the mileage from trucking along. He should probably be put to sleep soon, and thankfully that thought is reassured by the presence of a car sitting in the driveway. Its not a fancy car, pretty practical, but something I've always liked. I assumed the economy isn't doing too drastically bad, otherwise I never would have gotten one. Its an SUV, its smaller than most of the gas guzzlers that are still present on the road, but I'm sure future self is still mindful of the ridiculousness that mammoth SUV's are. I walk up to the nicely manicured lawn, flowers in full bloom, and a large tree in the front yard that monitors the sturdiness of a childs swing.
Knocking on the door leaves my stomach in knots, when that door opens I don't know what I will expect. First impressions are everything.... almost everything, okay, really almost nothing. I rinse the silly notion out of my head. Will she come to the door with a baby on her hip? Will a child be grasping onto her knee while she's holding another? I don't know, but the pitter of my heart has sped up to a rapid pace the longer I wait for that door to swing open.
Finally, the twist of the door, and I hear giggles in the background. The door swings open, and I see her reach down to grab a husky puppy by the collar. "Carter, sit!" She commands the dog, and his demeanor changes and he quickly sits at her feet by the door. She reaches out to embrace me in a hug, and pats me on the back. I never knew how good I was at hugging until now. I appreciated it. She invites me in to this open space of her home, hard wood honey colored floors. Natural colors with warm hues present themselves fashionably on her sofa's and trendy, but whimsical arm chairs. A large wingback chair is nestled in the nook near her wall of books color coded to make even more of a trendy artistic statement. Her kitchen is right at the entrance of the front door, she shuts door behind me and ushers me into the kitchen offering me a drink. The kitchen wasn't grand, but its exactly like something I could dream up, it was still large. It had a dual oven, and pizza oven. There was an island in the middle of the kitchen and all the appliances were stainless steel. I was enamored by the style of the kitchen, she seemed to smile from ear to ear telling me that this was her dream kitchen. Smirking saying, "God knows exactly what you need, all the time, even the smallest of details."
She gave me a tour of the house and I was still unaware of where the giggling was coming from but realized she had the tv on. The no kids idea had slowly slipped from my mind because I didn't see any reminance of children toys all over the place. Don't be deceived she turned to me to say, their stuff is well hidden, but it usually takes up the space on the floor in the evening. My stomach grumbled and I felt as if it had almost warranted a smile throughout the rest of my body. We walked the back of the house where a door was closed. There was a crib in the corner as well as a rocking chair with a small book shelf against the wall. A cute mural that seemed transitional had been decorated across the entire space of the room. A sound machine was playing and I leaned over to see the precious little baby sleeping stomach down with her little mouth pouted out, long lashes and her tiny little fist curled up next to her curly light brown/blonde hair. Future self looked at me with an agreeable smile, we both knew what we were smiling about. God's blessings. She closed the door back and then we walked to the other rooms. She pointed out everything to me that my eyes quickly gravitated towards. Finally sitting back out in the living room, I took notice of all the pictures that cascaded across the walls. Pictures of her with husband. Pictures of husband and dog Carter. Pictures of husband and her traveling. Pictures of husband and her married. Pictures of her and husband on wedding day, husband doding the suspenders and nice black slacks. Husband, her and babies...... Yes, plural. The second was with his aunt. I began to feel the tears well up in my eyes and I was jubilant over all the things I had seen just by walking through the front door. I felt that out of all the tunnels to run down, this had to have been the brightest light to see at the end of it.

There was so much joy exuding from each picture, that I felt the heat rush to my face and she could tell that I was aware the story hadn't even started.


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