Been a Long Time

You doves out there might be wondering what the infamous single girl did on New Years.........
{She didn't get a NYE Kiss} Kissing is for Hershey's!
This unbelievably fantastic single girl had one of the best nights spent with friends + 80 other people.
She danced in a house where the floor shook because so many people were dancing. She hugged her friends endlessly because the amount of love she was experiencing in bringing in the new year with them. She danced against a wall by swaying like she was at a high school dance waiting for the cute boy to ask her to slow dance. She took pictures, laughed, giggled, admired, and loved. She even wished for the unexpected and shyly blushed at the unexpected. She resorted to a preteen mentality when the guy she had a crush on entered the room. She chatted to her friends and her excitement was all over her face when he said her name.
That my friends is how my New Year's Eve transpired. I prayed to see God's hand in my life even more so. I prayed just to pray. I prayed for friendships to grow, for relationships to start and have a foundation. I pray and keep praying because I know that things will eventually come to pass. I pray because it is my communication with my father and indicates my desire to have a personal relationship with him. I pray because I love hearing my friends testimonies. I think that no matter if a relationship comes out of the new year for me, I know not to rest my happiness in that since it fades. My joy will always be in Christ because even when I'm let down and disappointed, I know that God has ultimately been guarding my heart and taking care of it for the right moment. The hardships of not being in a relationship, pail in comparison to the excitement that will come when things finally piece themselves together.
Do I know all of what this new and exciting year will bring? Not one bit, but I can guarantee you that I will not be shaken by the things that have captured my attention before and caused me to spiral down into mental battles. I am above this. I am not fearing the unknown, I am stepping into that with authority and claiming success in the area's of my life that I have the authority to control.
I hope that this can be an encouragement and not another cheesy decleration to the start of the new year. Its more than that. Its an acceptance of self. An acceptance of things unseen, but not allowing those things to deter you or control the rest of your decisions.

Day by Day I find peace and rest and solitude.


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