Ugo {III} Conclusion

In the words of Italians:
Means I don't know. But fortunate for me, I do know. I just like saying the word. :)

Whatever preconceived ideas you have matched up in your head for me and
this Ugo character, put them to rest.

Nothing is coming of it and I knew this minutes after meeting him and becoming flushed in the face.
Cute faces does not make the heart want, only the heart race.
In this case, only seeing a guy for the immediate looks grabbed me in, but I did learn he had a gf.
Off limits for me. Always.
If a guy is looking at me in any way to pursue, or play a game of pawn and knight 
and are with someone else, en passant my friend. 
En passant.

Don't get me wrong. Ugo is very pleasant, easy on the eyes, probably someone I would swoon for after watching a Lizzie McGuire movie mixed with an Olsen Twin movie, and an Amanda Bynes flick.
But let's be real, even if I were to meet a man like they do in the movies, it will take me
some time before I'm NOT skeptical of what it is.

Dear God make me not skeptical. 
I will admit this, the idea of being noticed because of my skin color and it being beautiful is quite and empowering thing. I've seen maybe 4 or 5 other black women since being here. And we all look at each other like, "How'd you get here? You look like me!" haha
The forwardness and the turned heads, I'm not used to. Some by attractive men, some by older men, but no looks that make me feel gross for being looked at.
In my head, I think... 'This is what it's like to be noticed eh?'

I will say one stare too long and I'll think you're a psycho. 
So random guy who looked, that's fine. 
Random guy who glanced and then looked longer. Va bene.
Random guy who glanced, looked longer, stared, and turned head, stopped walking, crossed street and stared more. What's the number for 9-1-1 in Italy???? Haha.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this 3 part series. I have stayed up past my bed time for the first time in 3 weeks and I'm glad it's a Saturday tomorrow.
Blessed be the name for weekends.


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