Ugo {II}

Where were we?
Ugo you say?
Va Bene!

Well we went on a wild es-ca-pade...
Just kidding, bringing some Jackson to your ears.
After dinner was the after dinner conversations.
Jeannette asked me to guess Sir's age. I will not divulge it here, and I will let your imaginations go where they may and I will tell you if you must know.
He asked whether I liked Chiavari, and how old I was, and this was shortly asked after he was asked
if he wants kids.
Oiy vey! See what I mean by awkward. I love AWKWARD. (The show). 
But, the other kind of awkward in front of men, about kids, and I don't even know their last name. awkward.
After dinner, we all spent some time just chit-chatting and then Ugo was off.

Fast-forward to a week later, and Ugo came up in conversation again.
This time about how Ugo shows interest in the teachers and usually see's pictures of them before they come. It sounds creepy, but the Walti's treat Ugo like another son, so he interacts with their family a lot.
So he had seen a picture of me, and the other teacher that was originally supposed to be coming. I assumed his eyes probably gravitated to her more. She's cute, blonde, friendly. Guys go for that type often, no biggie.

Negative ghost rider. Our little friend Mr. Ugo decided to look at me and show interest.

"Oh did he now?" Says the angry mob. Or protective mob. Or the friend mob.
You will have to come back to read my conclusion on this subject matter. :)


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