A Mother's Trust

Where have I been?
Excuse me, where have you been?

Life has taken a turn for the crazy and the best. The changes that are occurring in me daily are crazy! I love the idea of being a changed individual in Christ. Knowing that I won't be the same after this trip. I can't be. The flame burns, and even if it dims again, it will never go out.

My heart has been captured. I am completely smitten by the love that I see around me. It encourages me to keep pursuing God's desires for me and my life. I have been living with a woman, who is a beautiful person. She has shown so much kindness towards me and trust with her daughter. You know how things can happen in your life so easily and you don't think twice about how easily it happened because  certain things are just that way?
That's what this has been like. When I think of going to a different country, and spending 2 and a half months with a family I have never met prior to the trip, it makes me very mindful and aware of what type of possible dynamic I could be entering into. In this case, I remember the day, Elisabetta, Agnese, Enrico and I went to Elisabetta's parents home for Sunday lunch, and afterwards, we went to a local farmer's market. Elisabetta and her boyfriend, Enrico, went to grab a coffee, and sent Agnese and I into this large crowd of vendors and patrons. Think of a Walmart, and Disney day congestion. The market was not huge, but it was big enough to get lost walking in a straight line.

I was shocked that Elisabetta had entrusted me with her daughter's safety in this crowd, even if it was for a few minutes. So we began walking and looking around, and then her mom and bf rejoined us through the rest of the market. Towards the end, Elisabetta asked if I could stay with her daughter so she could go and get the car and bring it around to the end of the market. Again, I felt shocked, but was so grateful for her trust in me to take care of her daughter.

Agnese and I were nearing the end of the market, but it became more crowded, and I hear this little voice say my name, and grab my hand for me to lead her through the crowd. I seriously have never experienced a biological clock of any sort ticking for me to feel the need to have kids immediately, but I do hope one day I can have children of my own. A child's hand is the epitome of trust. When they grab your hand, they are expecting you to take care of them. They know that if anything were to happen, you are going to be right there. I grabbed her hand tight and led her through the crowd. It was a short moment, but in that short moment, we had a chance to bond.

I know when I leave here, they will never know how much they have impacted my life in such a short time, and for that I am truly grateful for God's will.

I will always try to remember that moment of her grabbing my hand to be led and apply it to how I ought to be reaching for the Father's hand for my guidance. Knowing that where he leads me, is not to harm me, but to protect me. He see's above and past the crowds of people and it brings me comfort knowing that.


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