Through the Jet-lagged Cracks

I can not believe that I have been on American soil for almost a full week now. Time has no concern for rest.
I am steadily bringing myself back into society and by that I mean I have been out and doing something ever since I got back into town. I will give a more detailed account on my last week in Italy, including me giving my testimony to a room full of people that included students and their family members.

I think that this trip has only pushed me in the right direction of moving forward in a more efficient way. And it came at a great time since after last year, I had been struggling with feeling adequate in my goals, and even though I had gotten my diploma for my degree, I still didn't feel as if I had completed it because I still needed to take the examination to be a licensed designer in order to work on commercial designs.

So, to give you a really quick follow up of what's next, I will be studying up on my testing to be a licensed commercial interior designer. I will also be looking into taking Italian lessons in a more controlled environment because I will be going back. Probably not for a mission trip (not what is considered a typical mission trip-but my life is supposed to be that anyhow) but just to actually travel and experience more of Europe. I got a taste of it, and of course it won't be suppressed since my desire to travel has always been apart of me. While studying Italian, I am looking into getting signed up with Habitat for Humanity and working closely with their company and what they stand for. For a job, I will be applying to work with IKEA because when I had the chance to intern with IKEA or the design firm I ended up choosing, I have always regretted not making the decision to go with IKEA and their company for how much of their style and motto that I appreciate. Sooooo, I will apply for IKEA, and am glad that it is a company that has many opportunities and allows for company growth and creativity.

If your question is when I plan on going back to Italy, it's dependent on when I get a steady job, and can focus on taking care of business here in Orlando and I will look into maybe getting back there as soon as the end of next year.
For now, I have that as a wish, but if it doesn't happen, I won't be disappointed. I do not know all of what will happen or can happen between now and next year, and I'm not trying to live my life like a fine tuned timeline. I've tried, and it never works for me.


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