My Type {I cringe typing that}

I have been adimant in saying that I never have or ever will have a type. I've just been made aware that I go weak in the knees for guys who have dark hair and piercing light gray, blue, green, hazel, or brown eyes. Basically any eye color. I have thought long and hard about it, convincing myself that I am neither swayed or pulled completely in one direction of a look. That still stands true. I will not turn away a red head, a blonde, or an in-betweener. I like them all. However, I find myself highly susceptible to what a pair of fine eyes that can bestow.
I think I wrote down a list of sorts of all the guys I had crushes on from the time I was 5 until now. (Yes, I remembered my first crush. My pastor's son, Scott. Then in my own grade, kindergarten, Philip. I still know last names, but I am protecting those last names.) Scott was a dark haired kid with these beautiful big seafoam green eyes and full lips. Don't worry, I didn't think this way as a five year old, I just remembered thinking he was so cute with his little mushroom haircut, and his long eyelashes, and his piercing eyes. Philip on the other hand was as blonde as the sun. Had the tiniest wrist that held this massive calculator watch and I thought he was so cute. He had blue eyes, but I think even though I saw him everyday at school, some trifiling blonde chick in my class always stole his attention during nap time. Needless to say, I think some kind of grudge was still held on my part against cute blonde girls later on in school.
I won't go through the list of guys, but in there, there was maybe pockets of blonde hair, blue eyed boys that grabbed my attention. Maybe for their nerdiness and not so much their swagg-uh. But those brunette/dark haired boys, always sealed the deal for my pitter pattering heart.
I've had a few dreams in the past of what my child would look like, and in them, seeing their perfect little faces; they always had these piercing clear seafoam blue or green and hazels eyes. Their skin was mixed (imagine coffee/tea with milk mixed into it), and they had light colored hair with waves of blonde strands. Whoever my children are, and whomever I marry, I can't wait to see their beautiful little faces.
When I was in elementary school (3rd grade) on into high school, I dreamed I would meet an English man to marry. I was thrown for their accent, and maybe not because of why others thought, but I was and always will be intrigued with other languages. I was around it growing up, and I have always had the want/desire to go to England (traveling) and meet my husband there. I could have dual citizenship and my kids could have 2 nationalities. Love.
How's that for an all time high girly dream? Yea, this stuff never comes up in conversation for fear it will turn some guy off. (The guy who isn't paying attention to me in the first place, so it shouldn't matter).
So whoever you may be, I'm waiting. No pressure on the kid thing either, that's just something that came into my subconscious.

Anyways, no apologies here. I are what I are says Popeye.


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