New Year, New Post

January is the abacus of the year. Constant numbers adding and subtracting from the start of goals and the end of them.
Every year is a goal that is set because of the clean slate that is presented, but I have actively been trying to get myself out of that routine for the last few years now. The strain I have only ever felt upon not completing the laid out goals with terms and conditions led me to believe that I meant well for myself, but I wasn't sticking with any of the well-laid intentions.
So I started to find things I needed to grow in, months before the new year; and actively started working on it without the stress of the first fresh day of the new year. So far it has worked for me, and I will continue to make changes for a lifetime, not for a stint of the new year.
Now has come the time of a little wariness and it includes social media as usual. Every day, every week and month and year I feel it's nagging pressure to keep up with something/someone that I can't keep up with, don't desire to keep up with and don't care to keep up with. 

Instagram is the social media starlet that shakes your creativity in a community of others that are equally creative and supportive, but the difficult feeling of never feeling like you can't keep up with yourself is near exhausting. Instagram has brought back the numbers game with an inexplicable favour among those who create/stage beautiful images. 

Facebook is the older sibling who has done it's time. Has been seen and can say what it needs to say and doesn't care if it gets seen or not. At least I've gotten to the point of not caring about numbers, who I'm actually friends with, if my photos or status updates can invoke change/ create jealousy. No matter your intentions for Facebook, things will always get misconstrued and you're left not caring.
And so it goes, at the start of this year, I find myself actively pulling away from numbers. Steering clear of the facade of validation the numbers game brings to this table. I have been figuring out ways to unplug from it all days at a time throughout the weeks and so far, it's felt easier than I thought. You gain, you lose, and so the cycle continues—I'm just tired of hopping back on the revolving cycle of  the numbers game. 
I will let you know how it's going.


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