Keep. Give. Toss

I have been looking around my room a lot differently these days. Making mental notes of a keep, give, and toss pile and all I can say is I am not looking forward to the actual actions of doing so. These are things accumulated over the course of my prepubescent stages of life, as well as teenage years, and early adulthood. 
Once I open a box that has notes and letters of the past, I can't help but sit down on the floor in the middle of the pile of papers reading everythig again. As if it was for the first time or experiencing déjàvu.
I've noted my camera gear is an essential keep. My music, obviously a keep, and my dvd's...figuring out whether to part with 50% of it or less. The truth is most everything I own, aside from cosmetic products, I have forced myself to use consistently. If it hasn't been used in 6 months or more it is a give away or a toss.
Now I am in a new situation that could potentially involve me moving very soon and I don't know how I feel yet only having but one option to get rid of all the accumulated things. The biggest pain in moving is always hauling large pieces of furniture, EVERYWHERE. From house to house, apartment to apartment, house to apartment, apartment to house. It is unending and makes me realize how much I hate having a ton of things. If it can be boxed and thrown on a shelf, I feel as if that is as much simplicity as I want.
Moving challenges you to purge. Let things go, and physically move on. With all that being said, I have an opportunity to possibly move in the future, how soon? I won't actually know that until the end of this week, and even still I will be preoccupied working so it will keep my anxious little heart and mind out of things.
Just be keeping me in your prayers while I go through this whole thing that is still sending waves through my head. I certainly never saw any of this happening as soon as it has.


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