A Courageous Heart

I have been settling in quite well with my 5 day old 28 year old body. I can't say that I hate the sight of the number. But what I can gather in the 5 short days is that I feel inherently wiser than I did at 27.

Okay, maybe not completely, but I do feel a lot more jovial and perhaps that has a great deal to do with the fact that I've been implementing prayer into my every day habits. I've been having those pick me up sessions in front of the mirror like that little 5 year old girl who was her own personal self motivator. "I love my hair! I love my face! I love my room! I love my mom! I love my dad! I love my dog! I love my teeth!" And so on and so forth.

My mental notes to myself are out loud prayers to God. My pick me ups are me encouraging myself much like I encourage my beautiful friends. Me enjoying my life in its entirety.
I recently started a new job 3 weeks ago, and have nothing but good things to say about it. Perhaps even great things. I feel like everything that I have been working towards, and crying out to God for, are finally making themselves present. I work for IKEA now, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The work ethic, as well as the company mottos are things that I strive for in my daily walk with God. I revel in the fact that God placed me here 2 years later from the time I had the opportunity to intern with IKEA around the time I was working on finishing my senior year internships. A decision I regretted often after accepting odds and ends jobs that put me no where closer to my dream as an interior designer who worked with non profit relief efforts and the likes of organizations that help re-establish deserving families into society with a roof over their head and a sense of security.
No every job that I've ever had where slightly shy of anything I wanted. They were great for connections and I wouldn't give up any of those jobs because of the lessons learned, but I wish that at the time I learned not to take everything on because of a paycheck. It offered no satisfaction, and it certainly didn't propel me into any closer relationship with God.

In all things I do, that is my ultimate goal to bring glory to His name. I can't help but praise His name for this job. It's like a perfect blueprint of what my heart cried for, desired, wanted, and yearned for. There is no other way to describe it but by using the same adverbs.
Now I ponder my full potential. Praying daily for God to excite me every day I work. Ignite in me a passion for the people I come in contact with. Whether they be difficult or pleasant, I'd like to see them all in the same way. Needing a smile, and ear to hear them, and someone to talk to. I am slowly developing a professional relationship with the managers that hired me. Praying for God's favor. Praying for ingenious ideas that can help me have favor.

My endeavors for working for a company like this is to stay with a company like this. I have wanted to live and move to Portland for about 6, going on 7 years now. I have often been inspired by the natural untouched beauty of the northwest. I have a fascination for forest and oceans alike, but my heart sings in the purest of ways to my saviour when I see those old trees towering above me, kissing the sky, whispering praises to their creator. Mother Nature has got nothing on The Creator of the universe. And that excites me to the core.

I will post more about a dream I had about moving transitions and where I see myself, which entirely up to God.


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