What's Next?

My deepest apologies for being gone for far too long. This is not normal for me to think that people are reading these blogs, because for the years that I've been writing online, I barely got responses to entires. So now I keep writing for myself mainly to have an online journal that documents different moments in my life in a more well-rounded way with music and pictures.

Now that my trip is drawing to a close, the question I will most often get is: "What have you learned/gained from this trip?", "What's next?" and so on and so forth.

To answer those questions would mean that I have an answer for what God is going to do next, and I honestly have no idea what He is planning next. I do know the next rock for me to balance on, that is conveniently bubbling up from the water, is to get back to Orlando and start tweaking my habits. To take the next steps of becoming more business minded, learning things that I have been putting off learning, and being the confident person that I know I was created to be.

In this short time of being in Italy and feeling like anything could be accomplished, I feel this time has prepared me to be more prepared and full of better intentions when it comes to planning things out in my life for failure or success.
And what I mean by that is,  I have taken off the burden of always worrying about failing and just taking the jump and assuming that when and if I fail, I'm still succeeding because in the failure, God's will, will still be my outcome.
Being a creation of God, who has not been given the spirit of fear, and being afraid of fear is like God creating birds not to fly. Why give them wings designed so intricately if not for them to fly? He created them as beings of the air. Each has their own duty as a specific species, but ultimately, they all fly. They know what their purpose is, it may be more basic than what we see of our own paths, but it still a path that includes the inevitable for them. Flying.

That's my answer I've come to settle with. What's next you ask? Flying.


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